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Policy & Proof of Coverage Data
A Policy is a contract of insurance between the employer (insured) and coverage provider (insurer). NCCI uses policy data for monitoring the timely submission and receipt of statistical data, distribution of experience ratings, actuarial analysis, and administration of Assigned Risk pools. This data also enables us to fulfill Proof of Coverage services in many states.

Proof of Coverage (POC) data is derived from policies submitted to NCCI. POC service is offered to state accident boards and commissions to verify coverage for insured employers in their state.

The following are the latest announcements, updates, and other information that help data providers submit timely and accurate policy and Proof of Coverage data.

If you do not have access to our online circulars, manuals, and/or data tools referenced in this section, please contact Customer Service

Enhancements to Policy Data Reporting Services and Tools
This article is your source for the implementation schedule of these enhancements; the latest update includes information on the upcoming enhancement to Data Manager Dashboard.
Posted Date: July 09, 2014

Suite of Webinars on Demand for the Policy Data Collection Tool Now Available
View and listen to the suite of new Webinars on Demand for Policy Data Collection. Take this opportunity to learn about the features and functionality of the new tool.
Posted Date: April 16, 2014

Policy and Proof of Coverage Data Tools and Resources Guide
Learn about the variety of online tools and services that NCCI provides for Policy data reporters, including tools for reporting and correcting your data. Also, find out what manuals, communications, and training resources are available.
Posted Date: February 06, 2014

The Data Connection—January 2014 Issue
This communication series keeps you informed about important data reporting news, data quality updates, enhancements and more, to help you perform your data reporting activities.
Posted Date: January 31, 2014