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Residual Market

Welcome to the Residual Market Education section of The webinars and presentations highlighted below are designed with the residual market professional in mind. Please be sure to explore the other sections for additional webinars on workers compensation topics and NCCI’s key product and services.

For your convenience, a complete listing of our educational tools is also available at the bottom of the selection menu.

To search for a webinar on a particular topic, enter the key word(s) or phrase into the Search box (located in the upper right corner of the screen). Webinars that match your criteria will display in a results screen along with a link to the module. You can also narrow your search from within your results. Go to the blue column located on the right side of the screen, select Education under the Article Category, and you will get a list of Webinars only.

The New Online Manuals Library
Take 60 seconds and see what the excitement is all about. NCCI is putting the finishing touches on a fresh new look that will streamline your online experience and provide a mobile-friendly format that will allow you to access manuals from anywhere.
Posted Date: June 9, 2014

Take-Out Credit via DCA Access® Online—Webinar on Demand
DCA Access® Online was recently enhanced to include a new feature for the Take-Out Credit Program. View the latest training module, Take-Out Credit via DCA Access® Online to learn about the program, navigation of screens, and accessing take-out credits.
Posted Date: Current

RMAPS Online Application Service—Webinar on Demand
The RMAPS® Online Application Service Webinar will demonstrate the basics of submitting an Application for Assigned Risk workers compensation insurance under a state’s WCIP.
Posted Date: Current

RMAPS Premium Estimator—Webinar on Demand
Our Webinar on demand for the RMAPS® Premium Estimator demonstrates how to obtain a preliminary premium estimate, separate from the actual submission of an application for assigned risk workers compensation insurance under a state WCIP.
Posted Date: Current

Classification System Overview—Webinar on Demand
Learn the purpose of classifying businesses, how classification relates to premium, and more.
Posted Date: Current

NCCI's Basic Manual—Webinar on Demand
This webinar provides information related to the use of NCCI’s Basic Manual, which is comprised of classification codes, rules, and the rates or loss costs to be used for writing workers compensation and employers liability insurance coverage.
Posted Date: Current